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Introducing Enduvo 1.0

Cloud-based platform

Store, manage and share assets in the cloud

Enduvo 1.0 solves common VR content sharing challenges to create a truly collaborative content development solution. Users can now store, manage and share 3D environments, 3D models, images, videos, recordings, assessments, learning objectives, lesson and even full courses in the cloud.

Instructors can manage and share 3D models, images, and videos from a centralized, cloud-based platform so that they can quickly create in VR, wherever they are. Our cloud-based platform also makes it easy to share valuable assets with other instructors, reducing the time and barriers to create.

With our cloud-based solution, a learning manager can easily combine lessons recorded by multiple subject matter experts to create a comprehensive, multi-lesson course featuring industry-leading experts. Now, users can learn new skills from the best in the field, regardless of where they are in the world.

Access real-time analytics

In Enduvo 1.0, users can access real-time analytics in the cloud. Users can now see how well their assets, recordings and learning objectives are performing, including metrics on views, utilization and content creation. Users can also customize reports to drill down on the data that they really need, on-demand.


Content Syndication

Cloud-based content curation

Enduvo 1.0 makes it easy for instructors and learning managers to store, curate and publish content from our cloud-based platform. On our platform, managers can also categorize, tag and label content for intuitive retrieval, ensuring learners can quickly locate relevant courses. And, managers can also control their users’ learning path by pushing specific learning content to learners in their workspace.

Industry-best public content

Enduvo is working with subject matter experts around the world to build a rich catalog of industry-best, free public content. Content creators now have a platform to share public VR lessons, expanding their content reach and attracting new learners. And, learners get to learn from the best of the best, wherever they happen to be.


Enhanced Interactivity

Interact with 3D models in real-world simulations

In Enduvo, instructors can now:

– Demonstrate how to correctly assemble components to build a model
– Selectively show or hide layers, or parts, of a model
– Recolor, or highlight, components of a model
– Cut into a model to show its inner workings
– Resize, move and rotate a model
– Import and interact with multiple, complex 3D models

And, learners can interact directly with 3D models, too, which means they can learn hands-on, by assembling components, resizing and rotating models, and cutting into models. Learners can also choose from a variety of real-world learning environments like an operating room, lab, or warehouse.


Simplified administration

User management

Enduvo has streamlined and simplified user management. Enterprise platform administrators can now:

– Add, modify and remove users in the cloud
– Review accounts with an easy-to-use administrator dashboard

Content management

Our cloud-based platform also makes it easy to review and manage count. Enterprise platform administrators and learning managers can organize content with categories, tags, and labels, assemble logical multi-part course and share learning content by group and workspace right from the cloud.


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