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It’s a great day at Enduvo!

Just a few short years ago, my friend, Dr. Matthew Bramlet, introduced me to software he was developing in his lab at Jump Trading | Simulation and Training Center. Experiencing this virtual reality (VR) software and listening to Matt explain the possibilities the software offers, made me realize just how valuable it could be to so many. My first thought was of my late brother who died from coronary atresia  — could this software have helped save his life? Maybe it could have allowed doctors to see something they were missing? I knew right away that Matt and Justin Drawz  (our soon-to-be lead engineer) had something special, and I was excited Matt asked for my help to build the commercial side of the venture. Together, we set out to build a company focused on empowering everyone to create and share meaningful experiences that enrich people’s lives. 

Fast forward three years and we find ourselves saying, “It’s a great day at Enduvo!” (our company tradition for sharing good news), and today it certainly is! Enduvo recently secured a $4 million capital raise, with MATH Venture Partners leading the financing round. These proceeds will help us improve and scale our platform, which enables anyone, regardless of their technical abilities, to quickly create and instantaneously distribute immersive (AR and VR) content to people around the world. Additionally, the funding will expand our ability to meet the diverse use cases of our growing customer base across healthcare, industrial and higher education markets. We’ve seen a significant increase in demand from customers in these segments due to the repercussions of COVID-19 and the necessity for affordable, distance-based collaboration and learning. 

At Enduvo, we believe it is essential for people to have access to the technology needed for immersive learning regardless of their location or socioeconomic status. With this investment round, we will continue to reduce the obstacles of cost and time that are usually associated with this type of content and provide ground-breaking features for our customers.

Enduvo has given me, and the rest of our team, the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. In the last two years, our platform has helped the USAF train Airmen to be mission-ready, the NIH to collaborate with researchers on opposite sides of the world to find cures for deadly diseases, and the University of Illinois to prepare medical students to be more successful practitioners and create content to effectively teach students remotely. It’s amazing to see that the software invented by Matt and Justin at the Jump lab a few years ago continues to evolve into the game-changing platform we knew it could be. 

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