Imparting Expertise

Harnessing the Promise of VR to Solve the Education Paradox

Introducing the Enduvo Learning Platform

Enduvo is an asynchronous learning format that revolutionizes how educators teach and students learn – think slideware for virtual reality. With Enduvo, educators bring their teaching materials and models into a virtual environment, and then record themselves delivering this information. Students feel as if they are getting a one-on-one, real-world 3-D learning experience, complete with task-based assessments.

At Enduvo, we call this z-learning.

The Enduvo Experience

Amazing VR Experiences that change the way education is delivered.

Resolve The Education Paradox

Deliver more information in less time to achieve greater retention from learners.


Built By Doctors, For Doctors

Create personalized content for all areas of medical education to move from ‘knows how’ to ‘shows how.’

Move From 2D To 3D Z-Learning

Transform teaching to closely resemble real-world applications to produce better prepared students and more successful practitioners.

Make VR Education Accessible

Provide educators with intuitive VR tools to quickly and easily create and share lessons and task-based assessments.

Simulate A Real-World Experience

Prepare medical students to best address life and death situations.

Designed For Growth

Developed to address medical education requirements first, with the flexibility to adapt to other segments.

Why Educators Love Enduvo

Teach in a Real-World Setting

We live in a 3D world, now teach in 3D.

Develop Course Content Quickly

No need to create slides, just add diagrams and models then start teaching.

Design More Effective Courseware

Improves the experience and retention of learners.

Realize Greater Insight Into Learning Patterns

Open new research opportunities by capturing and correlating real-time feedback throughout the learning process.

Increase Efficiency Of Knowledge Transfer

Significantly decrease the time it takes to impart expertise.

Why Students Love Enduvo

Simulate One-To-One Interactions

Personal and immersive approach creates the feeling of being the only one in the room with the expert.

Eliminate Distractions While Learning

VR technology inherently places the learner (and educator) in a bubble; focusing their attention on the task at hand.

Boost Understanding Of Complex 3D Subjects

The combination of traditional medical imaging modalities with the 3D model opens up new levels of relational understanding.

Create Effective Assessments

Demonstrate understanding through task-based evaluation versus assessing retention and knowledge by interpretation.

Increase Discovery And Curiosity

Interactive tools enable observations of the expert during the teaching process.

“I didn't have to fight 15 other students to see what the professor was pointing out”
M1 Student
University of Illinois College of Medicine, Peoria (UICOMP)
“Students will reliably silence their phones blindly rather than exit the VR experience.”
VR Lab Proctor
University of Illinois College of Medicine, Peoria (UICOMP)

Why Institutions Love Enduvo

The ability to simulate real-world experiences and behavior based tools in virtual reality allow instructors to have more confidence that a learner has integrated knowledge and skills into successful practice.


Scalable Distribution Of Knowledge Through Large Systems And Across Years

Open New Research Opportunities In Education

The ability to capture realtime feedback through out the learning process provides better insight into how learners acquire and retain new skills.