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About Us

What is Enduvo?

Enduvo is a content creation platform for immersive communication and learning. We enable organizations to leverage the power of immersive technology to easily transform their training programs. Our no-code platform makes it easy for anyone to create high-quality simulated content, without any technical experience required. With Enduvo, users can develop interactive learning experiences that help people learn faster, retain more information, and collaborate more effectively. 

Our team is passionate about using technology to empower people to share their knowledge to help others unlock their full potential. We’re continually innovating and working in close partnership with our customers to build a robust platform that meets users’ needs now and into the future. 


A Message from the CEO:

Hi, I’m glad you’re here to check out our company. We started this business in 2018 to help surgeons better prepare for pediatric heart surgery. Our mission is to provide better education, training and knowledge sharing to people around the world who might not otherwise have access to the BEST resources. With our platform, we aim to connect everyday experts to the rest of the world through simplified creation and sharing of immersive content.  

We’ve built a platform that is unique in the XR/spatial industry. We strive to create a tool that is intuitive and anticipates your needs. We’re bringing immersive capability to people who aren’t engineers, or coders. We’re doing what YouTube did for video, or Canva for graphic design, but for XR.  

Our hope is that together with you, the creator, we can make the world a more educated and better place.

I’d love to hear from you; feel free to reach out at steve@enduvo.com.

– Steve Garrou, CEO