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Comparing Enduvo to Custom VR Solutions

There’s no question that immersive training is far more engaging and drives much greater knowledge retention than traditional training and simulation. However, organizations that want to take advantage of VR-based training often struggle with how to create impactful training programs that can be developed quickly, are easily accessible, and do not break the bank.

If you’re considering whether to opt for a custom VR solution, it pays to be aware of the complexity and costs involved – especially when compared to using Enduvo’s solution.


Developing a custom VR solution can cost $10,000+ per minute of content and upwards of $200,000 for a typical experience.

Enduvo saves you 75% in content production costs. Our licensing model slashes total cost of ownership by enabling you to build as much content as needed without incurring incremental development fees.


With Enduvo, there’s no need for a VR content specialist. Anyone can create and share immersive experiences without extensive training. All that’s required are digital files and the creator’s voice and gestures. And unlike custom VR solutions, Enduvo content is widely accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices as well as standard VR headsets.


Creating and updating content with custom VR solutions be a time-intensive bear. Not so with Enduvo. We enable 70% faster content delivery. Our customers find this to be hugely beneficial, particularly when important information must get out asap. Enduvo offers simple steps for creating and editing content, sharing it remotely, and delivering it directly to the point of need.

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits immersive training enables –  without the time sink, inordinate expense, and accessibility challenges inherent in custom VR solutions – consider Enduvo. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and cost-effective it is to create high-impact training content.

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