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Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are becoming more powerful than ever before. In fact, the true potential for AR and VR can be difficult to imagine. Organizations that rely on 3D objects, complex procedures, or multi-step processes are utilizing AR and VR systems in many ways.

Alternatively, companies are using VR to grasp the wealth of knowledge from more experienced employees to help train new hires. This process is helping the new employees as they are put to work, as well as, speeding up the onboarding process as a whole.

Large manufacturing companies are also seeing the benefit of VR training. Before, companies would assemble groups of the employees to share the new material on the complex equipment. Now, companies can share information wherever their employees are located with simple and fast training before going into the field. Providing workers access to train in the VR environment allows for personalized training. Workers are able to pause lessons, zoom in on the content, or rewind, whereas, in a traditional learning environment, this would take more time and resources from the company.

Fueled by industry use cases, VR & AR spending is predicted to skyrocket. According to IDC, global spending on AR and VR is set to hit $160 billion in 2023. As more industries discover and experience the benefits of utilizing AR & VR systems in their workplaces, not only will they save time and money, they’ll have better-trained employees, too.

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