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How Does VR Support Learning Effectiveness?

Did you know that organizations spend a staggering $350B per year on training? Yet, when asked, most executives and employees will tell you their company’s learning and development is not as effective as it could be for all job roles.1

Luckily, innovative technologies, such as virtual reality, are gaining popularity in all types of applications from surgical planning, to customer support, to maintenance. And, the research is showing that this technology is having very positive results on learning efficiency and effectiveness. When compared to more traditional training approaches, training time can be reduced by 40% and performance can be improved by 70%. 2

Last week, I joined Carrie McKeague, Ph.D., Manager, Content Solutions, UL PURE Learning and Jonathan Jacobi, Senior EHS Advisor, UL PURE Learning for a joint webinar where they shared their view on how VR supports learning effectiveness. Here is what they discussed about how VR supports learning effectiveness.

     – It allows the learner to be immersed in a realistic learning environment, which reflects the learning objective. We know that learning/training is generally more effective when it occurs in a more authentic environment.

     – When one is immersed in this environment they are safe, and the environment is controlled. This allows for the practice of a learning objective without any risk to themselves, others, the environment, or the product. The learner can repeat the lesson, or more specifically the action, over and over until they are comfortable with it.

     – Through this repeated engagement, the learning/training effectiveness will increase.

When finally put together, the realistic and safe/controlled environment along with the ability for engagement leads to increased retention, you find the measurement of learning effectiveness.


1 – ARVRA Industry Sector Report: Training Q1 2019
2 – How VR, AR, And MR Are Making A Positive Impact On Enterprise



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