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The Future of Content

As a CMO, I am always on the prowl for interesting articles that will not only enhance my learning, expand my perspective, but also validate the reasons I market what I do. Gathering data that proves your marketing themes has become essential in order to capture your customers.

Recently, while updating Enduvo’s company overview, I came across an interesting study (from 2018) by Kaisen on the Future of Content. The publication date may feel dated, but the report describes and offers case studies for a variety of modern-day technologies. It also offers compelling reasons for integrating immersive content into your portfolio whether it be for marketing, training, or collaborating.

Some of my favorite stats from the study include:
– VR has been identified as driving a 17% higher emotional response than 2D experiences
– People 29% are more likely to view a VR video than the same video in a traditional format
– Average viewing time of a VR experience is 63x higher than a standard streaming newsfeed

Many people think immersive content is complex and that it is too expensive. This is simply not true. Take a look at our demos and use cases to see just how powerfully simple a tool like Enduvo could be.

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