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Welcome to the Enduvo Blog!

Hello! I’m Enduvo’s Digital Marketing Manager and I speak for the whole team when I say, we’re so excited to be launching this blog.  

In case you’re new, I’ll share a quick intro to what we’re doing. Enduvo is a rapid content authoring and delivery platform that allows users to create & share virtual and augmented reality content in minutes. Our platform removes the complexity, inflexibility, and high cost associated with creating virtual and augmented reality content.

We market to organizations that rely on 3D objects, complex procedures, or multi-step processes. Those who implement Enduvo reduce content development costs by an average of 60%, decrease training delivery time by up to 70%, and increase learning competency by up to 80%. Historically, the cost to develop a VR experience kept this technology out of reach for most—costs can exceed $10,000 per minute of content, upwards of $200,000 for a typical experience. With Enduvo, training organizations pay for an annual license to build as much content as they desire. 

We’ve made using Enduvo as easy as uploading an image or video to social media. You simply import images, videos, and 3D models, jump into the VR environment and start teaching. Boost learning outcomes and effectiveness with a personal and immersive real-world experience.

Back to the blog…

This is the place you will hear from the leaders of Enduvo. We’ll explore the differences between augmented, virtual, and mixed reality, the ROI of VR, use cases for Enduvo, and much more. 

We hope you’ll stick around!

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